Automation, complexity and time saving

As written before in the previous article, in case I discovered the problem behind Gmail huge memory leak, I would come back here and tell the truth.

I use an extension (avaible in Chrome, Firefox, Opera) called “I don’t care about cookies”. It is a very nice sort of thing : you don’t have to click every minute on “blah blah this site cookies blah blah”.

But… at the moment, this extension will transform Gmail in a memory black hole (except if you deactivate it on the domain).

A kind of french version of this article, not guaranteed to have the exact same content (it would not be fun), can be found here : I mean here.

The main philosophical and whateverical question that we face here is : do we really think that automation is a gain for life ? What do you do with your electric window blinds (not sure for the words)  if there is no electric power ?

Another question : must all automatic systems be as simple as possible ?

A video on Liveleak : Amazing writing clock made by a japanese student



Monopoly and degeneration

Growl, grouch and grumble, it may remain something of it

French version : see my blog

I have been a great user of Gmail.

However, last months, I remarked that the quantity of memory consumed by this application has ehrrrr… increased.  Where it should be under 200 megas, it will slowly grow to 2 gigas – and then it becomes unusable. You have to quit your Gmail tab and restart a new.

Among these almost 5GB of memory, 1GB is consumed by Gmail


Of course trying to solve the issue is like facing a wall. The problem has been told to Google and yes, it has been told. That’s why the only issue is to grouch on one’s blog.

That’s the third time in my Information Technology experience, that I witness the glory of a monopoly, and some indices of its degeneration.

  • IBM, once upon a time, was the major path to information systems. One day it went bad. Suddenly people started to notice that other systems existed : better, more powerful and cheaper (at the time, VMS and Unix ).
  • Microsoft. One day you could remark that any sensible person in web development hated Internet Explorer, which seemed to be built to break the compatibility of Web sites. There remains something of this.
    Couldn’t understand why Windows 8 was built to be uneasy to use. And what about Windows 10 and its 3 GO automatic updates. “Please wait, don’t stop your PC, I am busy consuming all the Internet bandwidth with useless updates”
  • Google : this degeneration of Gmail may be one of the first signs. We’ll see.

Hopefully… WordPress is not a monopoly. There are plentiful of other web editing solutions. Recently I discovered Jimdo, which is more WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) do you know it ? It is built in Hamburg.

Well, wait a minute : I just gave a look to WordPress memory consumption. It seems a bit huge too. To be continued…

About Gmail :  I promise that if the problem is solved, I will recognize it, apologize about, and stop grumbling.