Forest in August


While you walk in the forest,
The forest walks inside you.


Automation, complexity and time saving

As written before in the previous article, in case I discovered the problem behind Gmail huge memory leak, I would come back here and tell the truth.

I use an extension (avaible in Chrome, Firefox, Opera) called “I don’t care about cookies”. It is a very nice sort of thing : you don’t have to click every minute on “blah blah this site cookies blah blah”.

But… at the moment, this extension will transform Gmail in a memory black hole (except if you deactivate it on the domain).

A kind of french version of this article, not guaranteed to have the exact same content (it would not be fun), can be found here : I mean here.

The main philosophical and whateverical question that we face here is : do we really think that automation is a gain for life ? What do you do with your electric window blinds (not sure for the words)  if there is no electric power ?

Another question : must all automatic systems be as simple as possible ?

A video on Liveleak : Amazing writing clock made by a japanese student